As a kid, we double-checked our Halloween bags for pins and razor blades because of that old wise-tale that someone would sabotage your candy. We'd dump the bag all over the living room and check each piece of candy.

I never found anything but it looks like over in Walla Walla some CBD product was found in a trick or treaters bag!

An article from the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin says the CBD product in the candy bag appears to be an isolated incident according to the Walla Walla Police Department.

In a release from the Police Department, the Department believes the CBD in the trick or treat bag is an isolated incident but is telling parents to double-check their candy bags just in case.

The Police also say the supposed CBD product was put in the bag near the Walla Walla YMCA.

The Police have no other details about the incident.

The one good thing about having a big ole bag of candy is that your local police and fire departments will gladly check your bags for free.

I knew if I let my parents double-check my bag, I'd be missing Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

You can read more about the CBD in the Halloween candy bag here.

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