I can't help it, I love chocolate. I think after watching a lot of cooking and baking shows I started to get an appreciation for the art of making these bite-sized bits of heaven. The ones you can find on the shelves at most stores are okay but when I saw this box of chocolates from Spokane I was curious.

These come from Spokandy Chocolatier. Opening the box shows what the image is. I thought the presentation was fantastic and inviting. A few unique shapes and even one mysteriously wrapped in foil.

Without going into all the details, these were great. At least the 2 I had, my kids helped me devour the rest so I'll have to grab another box soon. I found these at Rosauers in Yakima but may be available elsewhere, too, I'm not sure. You will be paying a premium compared to your other classic boxes of chocolates usually found on store shelves but I think it may be worth it even once.

John Riggs
John Riggs

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