The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has always been against smoking, often using ads and commercials to warn people about the dangers. However, some people think their latest anti-smoking ads may be going a bit too far.

The organization is rolling out a $54 million national media campaign in an effort to prompt smokers to quit and, what some are saying, scare people away from cigarettes.

Dubbed “Tips From Former Smokers,” the often-disturbing spots will use ex-smokers who’ve suffered severe consequences from tobacco use — including stroke-related paralysis, limb amputation, and larynx surgery — to highlight the dangers.

The campaign, which will also emphasize the perils of second-hand smoke, will include public service announcements and paid television, radio, newspaper and magazine ads that will also show up on billboards, in movie theaters and on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

CDC Director Thomas R. Frieden feels while the ads may be graphic, they’re important to see, saying, “There is sound evidence that supports the use of these types of hard-hitting images and messages to encourage smokers to quit, to keep children from ever beginning to smoke, and to drastically reduce the harm caused by tobacco.

The CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health says smoking results in more than 443,000 fatalities every year and is the country’s leading cause of disease and preventable death. In addition, the agency says 8 million Americans live with a smoking-related illness or condition.

Regardless of the risks, however, do you think it’s right for the CDC to be publishing images such as these? Vote in our poll below.

[WARNING: Images are GRAPHIC and may not be suitable for everyone]

CDC anti-smoking ads


CDC anti-smoking ads campaign


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