Calling all Rodeo enthusiasts! A World-renowned Roping Champion is visiting the area!

World champion roper Jeff Copenhaver will visit Kennewick's Ranch and Home on Saturday morning. The Benton City native will sign autographs of his book, and host a roping clinic after.

Copenhaver was born in Spokane and raised on a ranch in Post Falls, Idaho. While growing up, Jeff watched his dad Deb Copenhaver, become a success in the world of saddle bronc riding. His father became a two-time world champion.

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After Copenhaver attended Blue Mountain College, he was off to the rodeo circuit. 5 years later, Jeff won the world championship in 1975.

Copenhaver met his wife Sherry at the Calgary Stampede Rodeo, and they began attending church together when a fellow calf roper made the suggestion.


Soon, Jeff was writing for publications, and then 3-years later, he decided to write a book. So far, he's published 3 books in English, Spanish, and Russian. Today, over 700,000 people have Copenhaver's book. Today, the husband-wife duo is busy with the website

You're invited to join Jeff as he shares stories of his action-packed rodeo days and obsession with becoming a roping champion tomorrow morning, (Saturday 4/17) at Ranch and Home in Kennewick. He'll be signing books at 9 am and hosting a roping clinic at 10 am. Copenhaver is scheduled to be in Hermiston on Sunday.

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