Lock your car doors. Good advice.

Kennewick Police are asking for your help to identify the two in the photo.

While the victim was inside shopping at Ranch and Home on Columbia Center Boulevard, the photographed man and woman allegedly helped themselves to some items from the shopper's vehicle.

No word on what items were taken.

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Thank goodness for surveillance cameras. Take a closer look.

Credit: Kennewick Police Department Facebook Page

Suspect 1 is a male with blonde or light brown hair and wearing a gray shirt with a purple mask. Also, he's breaking every fashion rule...white socks with sandals!

Credit: Kennewick Police Department Facebook Page.

Suspect 2 is a female with dark brown hair sporting a camouflage tee-shirt, black headband, and sunglasses.

Surely someone will recognize these two, or at least one of them.

If YOU know who they are, please contact the Kennewick Police department at 509-628-0333. Maybe the victim can recover their stolen items.

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