I'm full of surprises. Yes, I am a tall, dark & handsome veteran-firefighter-paramedic-local celebrity. But maybe you don't also know I can cook! Check out these pork buns I made.


Make regular bread/roll dough and leave it to rise.

In a skillet combining pork (the kind you usually smother with BBQ sauce for sandwiches) chopped into cubes, chopped onions, half a bottle of hoisin sauce, one tablespoon of oyster sauce and a couple shakes of soy sauce. Let it heat up in the skillet.

When the bread is done rising, roll/press out the dough into small pancakes. Put a couple spoon fulls in each and sandwich two layers of dough together to make a bun.

Then combine an egg with a couple tablespoons of water, mix, then brush over the top.

Bake at 325 degrees for 25 minutes!

When reheating, stick in microwave for 25 seconds!