Watch How to Make the Perfect Hollandaise Sauce
If you ever order Eggs Benedict in a restaurant it's probably because of the magical sauce known as Hollandaise...We teamed up Red Lion Chef Steve Adams in our new video series 'Cook Like a Chef' and we'll tech you how to perfect this sauce in your kitchen!
Watch Me Cook Steaks in a Philips Airfryer [VIDEO]
My coworker is always raving about his Philips Airfryer so I asked to come over and try it out. Yummy Meats gave me two 6-oz New York steaks and he says the air fryer works the same as a grill. Well, we'll have to see about that.
OMG! Recipe for Oreo Truffles That Are SOOO GOOD!
I went to my grandson's Tee Ball game last night and it was the final one of the season. After the game all the parents and kids gathered for a small pizza party. One of the moms made Oreo Truffles that were decorated like baseballs.These are so yummy I am definitely making these soon. The best…

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