A 57-year-old man is probably thinking "I would have gotten away with it, except for you meddling adults...!"

Wednesday afternoon, a group of concerned citizens banded together to help apprehend a suspected car prowler and thief in the Walmart parking lot.

Ernest Holmes (hometown not listed) was allegedly seen trying to prowl a car in the lot, breaking in. A group of people saw him trying to access the car, then he got into another vehicle where he was spotted by the owner. There was a significant confrontation between the two at which time a group of other people came running over.

Holmes then retreated to a truck he had arrived in (which turns out was stolen) but he couldn't go anywhere because he was surrounded, and some reports say 'physically detained', by the citizens until Kennewick police arrived.

Holmes is now facing at least three serious charges in connection with the incident, and some faith has been restored in mankind from the actions of these citizens.

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