Bill Cosby’s sweater-wearing, tough love-offering Cliff Huxtable character from ‘The Cosby Show’ is the TV dad most Americans would have wanted as their own father growing up.

According to a Harris Poll of 2,184 adults, Ward Cleaver from ‘Leave It to Beaver’ is the nation’s second favorite TV dad, followed by Jim Anderson from ‘Father Knows Best,’ ‘Happy Days’ father Howard Cunningham, and Andy Taylor from ‘The Andy Griffith Show.’

As for more modern TV dads, Tim Taylor from ‘Home Improvement’ placed ninth, and Peter Griffin from ‘Family Guy’ snagged the 12th spot overall. Just taking into account respondents between 18 and 34, ‘Full House’s’ Danny Tanner came in second, following Bill Cosby’s Cliff Huxtable.

I (Faith Martin) have always thought Bill Cosby portrayed a great  dad as Cliff Huxtable so I have to agree! I'm sure there are plenty of wonderful Dad's out there! I've seen a few that I have admired from afar!  For those of us who have grown up without a dad...I  often notice people that I think are especially good at being a dad, and have secretly wished they would have been mine!  What qualities do you think make up a great dad ? What is especially great about your dad?

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