Here Are 4-Stops To Check Out On Your Next Road Trip To Portland Oregon

Are you looking for a breathtaking road trip that’s just a few hours’ drive away from Tri-Cities Washington?


Explore Oregon's Most Scenic Drive on a Fun Day Trip From Tri-Cities WA

If yes, then I've got a day trip that's a hidden gem that's worth exploring and I've got 4 big stops planned for you along the way.

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The Columbia River Gorge Highway is worth packing a lunch and taking a lazy Sunday drive from the Tri-Cities.


The Columbia River Gorge Highway is 70 miles long and will take you roughly 4-5 hours to drive as you stop at certain must-see places along the way. Here are 4-stops I think you should make on your journey:

Oregon's Most Scenic Drive is Perfect Day Trip From Tri-Cities WA

The Columbia River Gorge Highway is a must-see destination. Whether you're looking to hike to waterfalls, sip wine with a view, or simply cruise along the scenic drive, this highway has something for everyone and it's only a few hours away from Tri-Cities making it a perfect day trip getaway.

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