It's a done deal.  We've been hearing about murder hornets.  I had pretty much dismissed the stories as "Fake News."  I've altered my way of thinking.

Now, the first Asian giant hornet has indeed, been trapped. More than 13-hundred traps were set up, and now a search is on for the colony so it can be destroyed.

According to a news release from the Washington State Department of Agriculture:

The hornet was found in a WSDA trap set near Birch Bay in Whatcom County. WSDA trappers checked the bottle trap on July 14 and submitted the contents for processing at WSDA’s entomology lab. The hornet was identified during processing on July 29. This was the first hornet to be detected in a trap, rather than found in the environment as the state’s five previous confirmed sightings were.


The hornet is nicknamed "murder hornet" because of it's the callous way it kills honeybees, by decapitating them.

Adult hornets are about two inches long with a light orange head and black eyes. Their abdomens are black and yellow striped.

Asian hornets are most often seen between July and October.

You can read more about murder hornets, or the Asian giant hornet here.

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