We have been hearing about them for months. Murder Hornets aka Japanese Giant Hornet, who have earned their nickname because they kill around 50 people a year in the land of the rising sun.

Now they are here. In the State of Washington.

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Makes sense, it’s 2020 after all. They are the largest of the hornet family and are feared to be decimating the honeybee population. That’s not a good thing. So, Entomologists have been trying to track these flying aggressive beasts for the last 4 months.

First, you gotta catch them. Then you gotta put a tracker on them. It’s kinda like putting your kid to bed after downing a bunch of candy on Halloween night – it’s madenning.

But, much like a patient parent, earlier this week, they had success. They found a nest in a hallowed out tree near the Washington/Canadian border.

The Murder Hornet House Tree was found on a developing housing project. Entomologists dressed in suits akin 1996’s Movie ‘Outbreak’ starring Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman, received permission from the developers to break out their Hornet Hoover to suck the Murder Hornets out of the tree.

Why all the fuss? Cause, Murder Hornets are aggressive and can kill a bees nest in hours. Bees are an essential part of our eco-system, and these Murder Hornets are a direct threat to both.

Courtesy of Washington Department of Agriculture

Plus, their stings are extremely painful. Coyote Peterson is an Entomologist featured on Youtube. You may have seen him volunteer to be stung and bitten in the name of science and catch it all on video.














In November of 2018, he volunteered to be stung by one. When you watch this video, you can see why these things are so dangerous. Their venom is dangerous and can be lethal. When you combine aggressive with nearly lethal – you’ve got a problem. You can see that video here. It looks absolutley painful.

These things have to be taken care of. And Hoover is the solution.

This could only happen in 2020. Much like you, I cannot WAIT for this year to be over.


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