It didn’t get heated. It was more of a “You do WHAT?!?” type thing. I am that guy. I admit it.

I put my ice cream in the microwave.

Not just a bowl – the whole carton. You would think I just ripped the tag off the mattress or something.

I love me some ice cream. Tillamook Rocky Road is my go to. What I don’t like is concrete hard ice cream. You know, where you dig and dig and only get small spoonful of that confectionary delight at a time? My solution? Nuke it!

Buttons on a microwave


I used to fight with my oldest daughter, Briana over this. I asked her one night if she wanted some ice cream. She said yes like any sane person should. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the carton of rocky road. I opened it up and it was like a piece of brown concrete with marshmallows in it. So I did what any normal person would do. I hit the buttons on the microwave for :30 to “loosen it up”.

As soon as the microwave fired up, Briana walks in and asked me “What are you doing?”, as if I just set the house on fire. “I am softening the ice cream.” “WHAT?!? Who DOES THAT?!?” she said while laughing and appalled at the same time. “Me”, I responded calmly. “You can’t nuke ice cream!” “Ummm, yes I can. I am doing it now.” “Why?!?” “To make it soft” I said. “You know, like when you get soft-serve at that yogurt place?” She then grabbed the carton from the microwave and said she was rescuing it.

Homemade Dark Chocolate Ice Cream


I have been an ice cream nuker for years. Hard Ice cream is not enjoyable. Soft ice cream is a delight.

So over the weekend, similar situation. Lisa wanted some ice cream. So I went into the kitchen and popped the container in the microwave. Lisa heard the microwave buttons beeping and she rushed to the kitchen. “What are you doing?!?” Heh heh, this sounds familiar. “.”

Spoon and cup ice cream


“Not on my watch!” She then took the ice cream out of the microwave and walked away saying “I am saving this ice cream from the torture of the nuking!”

Needless to say, I was in the doghouse, AGAIN.

So, where do you land on this? Are you good with microwaving ice cream? Or is nuking verboten?


Love to hear your thoughts.

All My Best,

The JimShow

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