The good news? According to a prop bet website (prop bets are side bets), our boy Zach J. from Yakima has (17-1) odds of winning and currently running in 7th place on ‘The Bacherlorette’ this season.



The bad news? Former NFL player, Dale Is 1.  With -500 odds. In other words, he’s a lock. We’ll see and we are still hoping for Zach J to get some one-on-one time with Clare. With all that said, I have an insider working the show. They have been telling me what to look for. Here are some things to look for on tonight’s episode.


Clare goes on dates tonight. With a possible two group dates?

It’s possible that Clare will go out for her first one-on-one date with Jason Foster. He’s the guy who expressed to her about “wanting to just live outdoors”. The group date may involve a few strategically placed black boxes to cover anything untoward.

Premiere Of ABC's "The Bachelor" Season 19 - Arrivals

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Is there going to be a Rose Ceremony tonight? (aka, no eliminations?)

Does Clare cancel tonight's rose ceremony? (it's rumored) that she had to be persuaded to have it, or it's possible the producers decided to hold off on airing it until the beginning of the next episode. Either way, it looks as if there are no eliminations tonight. Let the drama begin.


There Will Be Drama Tonight!

You may have seen the teasers that have included Clare giving one of her guys the “Whatfer”, and that man is supposedly Yosef Aborady. Does this set him up for a departure in next week’s episode since there is possibly no eliminations tonight? We’ll see. Supposedly the conversation is Clare being blunt and direct to Yosef as we have seen in promos for the show.


Does Clare Last All Season?

ABC has not been shy about what looks like Clare’s ultimate departure due to some yet to be explained drama. We we are led to believe has to do with her intense feelings for one of the contestants which we believe is Dale (the one whom she referred to after meeting him “I think I just met my husband.”). We might find out more about that in tonight’s episode.

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So we are rooting for Yakima’s Zach J to rise above all this drama and make his mark.

We will have a full-recap at 6:40 tomorrow morning. Good luck Zach J!


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