#YouCanBeABCs from Sam - 6-year-old raps about careers A through Z

This lil cutie pie had to put down his smoothie for this one! An incredible way to remember your ABCs and also get an extensive lesson on different jobs using the ABC's! Anyone who disliked this video, I don't know what you were listening to or watching because this is straight fire!

6-year-old Sam from Memphis is currently going viral after creating a rap with his Dad, which he has completely memorized not to mention created some pretty fantastic moves more.

Check-out some of these positions and Sam, I am trying, I am trying hard to learn so I can be just like you!

One of my favorites is

"You can be a D, you can be a dentist, cause everybody loves to smile!"

#YouCanBeABCs from Sam - 6-year-old raps about careers A through Z

Don't even get me started on the tongue twister that goes along with E for an engineer!

Yesterday morning the World was introduced to this smart young man and his hype Dad Bobby via The Today Show with Hoda and Jenna, last night my husband showed me and now I am showing you!

What's Sam think of all this? “I think it’s great,” said Sam. The youtube video is reaching over 98,000 views and I say we help him break 100,000.

How did this even happen?

Sam, we wish you all the luck in the World with whatever career you choose and if you and Dad want to keep coming up with catchy raps, we are fully here to share with the masses.

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