Prepping for the last on-air shows of 2020 has definitely gotten the juices flowing. Technically, as my boss Brian pointed out, we will be entering a new decade, leaving behind all that 2011-2020 has brought us. From a music standpoint, creating a playlist to acknowledge the favorites has been wild. A trip down memory lane and also a very funny where are they now type feel.

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First artist that comes to mind is Adele! 'Rolling in the Deep' Someone Like You' , LMFAO hit us with 'Party Rock' and 'I'm Sexy and I Know It' while Lil Wayne showed us his softer side with 'How to Love'. Lady Gaga was on 'The Edge of Glory' while singing 'Born this Way', Cristini Perri was hitting us with 'Jar of Hearts' and Beyonce was asking all of us, 'Who Runs the World'

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Seems fitting when I type in Best Movies of 2011 Contagion pops up. Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy was really good, Crazy Stupid Love, Resident, Drive, Just Go With It, Limitless, Untouchable, The Lincoln Lawyer, Warrior, The Adjustment Bureau, and forever and always I am ready to party with the ladies from the film, 'Bridesmaids"

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The last time the ball dropped everyone had big plans like always, lose weight, gain control of finances, or maybe travel more. By March 23rd, 2020 our office was closed to the public and we were issued official paperwork in case the roads were shut down as well but that never happened and we still come into the station, masked and distanced.

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Adele did the weight loss thing quite well.

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A lot of businesses shut down, some permanent but we all (hopefully) received a stimulus check, it helped my husband and I be able to move into a house and out of an apartment where the ceiling was literally falling down around us.

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Marriage wise, I believe it's brought us both closer. We have spent more time together and worked on communication. Others have announced the babies they created while quarantined and it has also brought a lot of marriages and relationship to an end as well. My hope is that everyone has learned how to use their voice. There is no shame in speaking your mind, speaking up and adjusting when things aren't working for you. Working on your is always important and should never stop.

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One of my favorite, most terrifying, and exciting moments of this year was adopting an abandoned kitty cat. Winifred Luna Johnson came into our lives in the middle of the pandemic. Five months in and honestly it's been one of the best decisions and most therapeutic of my life. Kitten cuddles and purrs are the best, wrestling and finding toys all over the house makes me smile, and expecting and receiving a greeting right when I get home is something I look forward to every day. I suggest anyone who is feeling lonely should invest in some type of pet. Cats are great, they like their own space and I've found that abandoned pets seem to be extra loving, once you break through their fears. Occasionally she still needs to be reminded that she is loved and needs to be pulled in for a cuddle, both of her human parents are happy to oblige.

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Give when you can, write a note to a friend and try not to take too much of it so seriously. If you need a drink, might I suggest a seven and seven? Not going to lie that is the drink that has kept me going through these long months. I was going to give them up for the new year but I have decided to make a conscious effort to eat better while still enjoying a drink because gosh dang it, it's been that type of year and so cheers to each and every one of you. I hope that moving forward your 2021 is the brightest and best that has ever been!

One last thing, tonight is a full moon, called the Full Cold Moon so if setting your intentions interests you, this is a perfect time to set-up a quiet space and manifest the road ahead!

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