It seems like everyone who’s anyone in pop and country music is in the running for the vacant judge posts on ‘American Idol.’ Diva Mariah Carey is the only judge firmly in place, as sole OG judge Randy “In It to Win It” Jackson’s future remains up in the air, dawg.

It’s ironic, since he’s Mimi’s manager and brought her into the ‘Idol’ fold. With Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry all rumored to be desired judges, another big name has entered the picture: Justin Bieber.

The Biebs is reportedly an ‘Idol’ diehard who has DVRed the show on the nights he can’t watch the excitement and entertainment live.

The National Enquirer (quotes via JB Source) reported that the Biebs, like Perry, was offered a jaw-dropping sum to become a judge. Perry was reportedly offered $20 mil, but Biebs was offered $5 mil more. And like Perry, Bieber had to say “Thanks, but no thanks” to producers. The reason for Bieber’s having to nix the offer was similar to the ‘Wide Awake’ singer’s: He has other commitments related to his own career, like touring. And that little ‘X Factor’ mentorship.

“They offered him many more millions than Mariah Carey— and double what [Jennifer Lopez] made to start,” a source with insider info told the tab. “That’s because executive producer Nigel Lythgoe’s so hot on Bieber he approached him even before Steven Tyler announced he was quitting. Nigel was willing to make Justin the highest-paid judge ever! Why? Because he’s convinced he’d bring in a younger demographic and put the show back in the No. 1 position.”

That’s a lot of scratch to be a judge, and it’s more than Carey was paid. But Lythgoe is smart. The Biebs has a built in audience that could bring younger fans into the ‘Idol’ fold. Perhaps they can work a deal out in the future. Perhaps not.

The Biebs is rumored to be mentoring on ‘X Factor’ this season, as photos of him on set with L.A. Reid have surfaced, so it looks like he chose the competition.

The original source of this story is a tabloid notorious for its fiction tales, so we’ll take this news with a grain o’ salt. Memo to Nigel Lythgoe, though.: We’re available to judge! For that kinda coin, we’ll clear our dance card.

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