Everything has been rosy in the Justin Bieber camp for the past few days, as ‘Boyfriend‘ has dropped — but, of course, there has to be some hiccup interrupting the happiness. The Biebs may be facing a lawsuit over a recent Twitter prank, where he tweeted a random phone number missing the final digit and asked fans to “call me right now.” Since Bieber has tens of millions of followers, it sparked a frenzy of dialing, with fans adding the final digit to the number and placing calls.

Yeah, well, there were people on the receiving end of those calls and they ain’t happy. The tweet was eventually removed, but not before it caused a massive headache for two Texans who would like to be compensated for the problems Justin Bieber brought into their life.

Can you imagine a screaming teenage girl calling your house and shrieking into the ear piece of your phone, thinking she has made contact with the one and only JB?

According to TMZ, both Dilcie Fleming, an older woman, and Kent, a man, have gotten all sorts of “lawyered up” due to this mess, claiming that their phones have been ringing off the hook as a result of the Biebs and his “joke.” A lawyer said that Fleming received over 1,000 phone calls at all times. Is it just us or does this feel like an ep of ‘Crank Yankers?’

Nevertheless, the “victims” are seeking compensation in the form of concert tickets for Fleming’s grandchildren, an apology from the teen, and an endorsement for an online project that Kent is working on, in addition to money for expenses.

Uh, that sounds like extortion, although it’s easy for the Biebs to pony up some passes and say “I’m sowwy.” But that endorsement condition? That sounds a bit sketchy. Just sayin’.

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