Things got crazy at the Playboy Mansion the other night, and Playmate Anna Sophia Berglund — Hugh Hefner’s new “number one” girlfriend — got the octogenarian to engage in a bit of planking.

Berglund then posted on her Twitter account this picture of Hef laying prone on a table in the mansion. Not surprisingly, the image led some of Berglund’s Twitter followers to believe that her 85-year-old boyfriend had been injured, or worse, dead. Fortunately, the only thing that died that day was planking itself — we think it’s fair to say a trend is officially over once Hef catches wind of it.

Later, Hefner’s “second” girlfriend, Shera Bechard, took to Twitter and implied she was going to get Hefner to try owling next. We’ll see if that fad and Hefner’s kneecaps can survive.

Below, a photo of the Playmates getting in on the planking action.

Playmates planking

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