Thanks to Doc Hastings, federal officials are reviewing policies this week to soon allow you and me to hike Rattlesnake Mountain! I for one am excited... to see the missile silo. Oh, you hadn't heard?

There are some fun and crazy rumors going around about why Rattlesnake Mountain has been off limits for so long.

One obvious one is it's sacred ground to Native Americans.

Another is there's a secret lab up there. The old federal facility belongs to PNNL after all.

But my favorite rumor, WHICH IS TRUE, is the underground bunker and missile silo!

It turns out MY OWN HUSBAND has been in the silo! He worked for Hanford Patrol years ago and they had to visit the bunkers to make sure they were secure.

It's called "Nike Ajax H-52." The Nike Ajax was an anti-bomber missile designed to take down a high-altitude plane. Hanford was protected by Nike Ajax missiles on Rattlesnake Mountain, in Othello, on Saddle Mountain and at Priest Rapids.

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