Last August a bunch of people ignored their ballot because the decisions were for obscure primary races and other seemingly irrelevant stuff. Then they realized the next morning they forgot to vote for the aquatic center! Don't be a chump again, vote by the end of today!

Here at 98.3 The Key we STRONGLY encourage you to read the voter information pamphlet. If you can't find the one you got in the mail, use the QR code included in your ballot to read the digital version.

One example is the genetically-modified food labeling bill. After reading the voter pamphlet we decided the television ads for both sides were misleading.

Another example is the city council and school district debates. If you read the candidate statements it quickly becomes apparent one guy is a chef at Applebees and the other has a PhD in urban planning.

Sometimes in the judge or school district races everyone seems qualified until you read their whole statement and then conclude one of them is a nut.

If you live in Benton County, you can drop your ballot off at

  • 620 Market Street in Prosser
  • 708 9th Street in Benton City
  • 5600 W. Canal Drive, Kennewick
  • 210 W. 6th Ave., Kennewick
  • 101 Wellsian Way, Ste. E in Richland
  • Jefferson Park on Symons Street, Richland
  • 3801 W. Van Giesen, West Richland

Franklin County:

  • 2108 Road 84, Pasco
  • 116 N 3rd Ave, Pasco
  • 6600 Burden Blvd., Pasco
  • 1016 N. 4th Ave., Pasco
  • 619 W. Clark St., Connell
  • 1016 N. 4th Ave., Pasco
Stacy Lee
Stacy Lee

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