One of our most beloved traditions is under attack – drinking from the garden hose!

Just about everything in the world seems to cause cancer;  from cellphones to excessive charcoal on the barbeque.  Now, drinking from the garden hose!

A new study from the health group Healthy Stuff claims hoses contain higher levels of lead and what are called phthalates that are in excess of what is considered safe by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.  The study also claimed at PVC levels in the water from a hose from plastic additives can alledgedly cause birth defects.

Phthalates are chemicals used in pastics to make them more pilable and last longer.  According to studies, the effects of phthalates in the human body can cause issues in hormones, including what researchers claimed was a “demasculization” of men, affecting the testes.

Now, these studies are in the beginning stages.   In order to elevate the levels of phthalates from a garden hose, you would have to drink from one regularly throughout the day, every day for years.  And while serious medical research is being done on the effects of these chemicals on the body, they are found in dozens of products – not  just garden hoses.   Plus, running the water for a few seconds will allow whatever chemicals that may have leeched out of the hose (if any) to rinse away.

So, before we all throw away our garden hoses, let’s use a little common sense.  It’s ok to slurp of the hose now and then.  Guess it’s one guilty pleasure we can keep from our childhood.  Take our poll below to voice YOUR opinion.

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