It was a close call for Adams County Sheriff's Deputies Saturday night when a drunk driver plowed into their patrol vehicle after stopping to assist in a head-on collision accident.

An accident had already occurred when the second accident and close call happened.

Adams County Sheriff's Deputies videoed the drunk driver hitting the patrol vehicle as it was stopped for another accident.

Here are the details according to the Adams County Sheriff's page:

On the night of Saturday, May 15th. Deputies located a head-on collision that had just occurred on the overpass of W Highway 26 and S Broadway Ave in Othello. Washington State Patrol was contacted to take the collision investigation.
WSP arrived and began a DUI investigation. Deputies assisted with traffic control.

During the investigation. A vehicle did not stop or slow down for patrol vehicles who had their emergency lights activated or the deputy who was directing traffic.

The driver collided with an Adams County Patrol vehicle came close to running over a deputy, continued forward, collided head-on with a vehicle that had a family inside of it, spun and nearly hit another deputy and troopers, hit another vehicle which caused damage to two others, including a second Adams County Patrol vehicle.

The family was transported to the hospital from the scene.

The driver was taken into custody. Both drivers from the original collision were also arrested for DUI and other charges.

At the same time, Othello Police Department conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle on Hwy 26 and S 1st Ave. The driver was arrested for DUI with a breath sample collected nearly three times the legal limit.

The video is from the Adams County Deputy dash camera.

Luckily no one was hurt but talk about a close call. You can read more about the incident here.

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