A man was arrested in Kennewick and now faces possible DUI charges. Police say the man crashed his vehicle after fleeing an earlier hit and run collision.

Kennewick Police were called out on a hit & run Thursday at about 8:37 pm to an apartment complex in the 400 block of North Volland Street.

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When Police arrived at the scene, they were advised that a man in a silver sedan collided with three parked vehicles. The suspect fled the scene in the car.

Hours later, Police were dispatched to assist Washington State Patrol at another collision at Highway 395 and West Kennewick Avenue.

BINGO! After investigation, it was determined that the driver in this collision was the same suspect who fled the earlier hit and run collision at the North Volland Street apartment complex.

The male suspect was cited for the earlier hit and run and Washington Patrol arrested the man for suspicion of DUI.

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