A Benton County Sheriff's Deputy got the surprise of their life as a routine DUI stop turned deadly as another DUI driver struck the deputy's cruiser while he was attending to the first DUI.

The incident occurred late last night around 11:37 PM.

According to a posting on the Benton County Sheriff's page, A second DUI drive sideswiped the patrol vehicle while the deputy was attending another DUI stop.

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Here is the posting and incident report according to the Benton County Sheriff's Department:

Deputies were on a DUI traffic stop at Babs Ave and 3rd St. At about this time Jerri L. Cliff was driving her Chevy Impala west on Babs Ave approaching the traffic stop. Cliff did not slow or move over to safely pass the police vehicle. The passenger side of her Impala sideswiped a Benton County Sheriff’s Office patrol car. All the emergency lights were activated on the patrol car that Cliff struck. The deputy was not inside the patrol car, nor were there any passengers inside the patrol car when the collision occurred. Cliff continued west on Babs Ave until deputies stopped her at 7th St and Babs Ave. Cliff appeared to be intoxicated and did not know she had struck the patrol car. Deputies arrested for suspicion of DUI.

In short, while stopped at a DUI stop, another driver was drinking and driving and struck the police vehicle while the deputy was attending to the first DUI stop. Luckily no one was hurt in the incident but it looks likes that two DUI drivers are now off the streets thanks to the Benton County Sheriff's Department.

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