It's a hot one Tri-Cities and it'll stay warm over the next few weeks. You might not realize this but you can rent pools in the Tri-Cities! 

It's like the Airbnb's of pools! What!?

There are several pools right here and right now that you can rent for a variety of reasons in the Tri-Cities.

I was looking at the new website and saw a ton of great Tri-Cities pools to check out.

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If you are needing a birthday party place, an anniversary, or even a pet swim, these pools are worth checking out.

We've compiled some of the area's premier rentals, take a look.

You Can Rent These Six Pools Today In The Tri-Cities

Here are six pools you can rent today in the Tri-Cities!

I didn't even realize that you could rent a pool but now I know. If you've been looking for another angle of entertainment or throwing a family event, then is worth checking out. I'm thinking about taking my own dogs for a swim!

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