I'm a big music guy. I live, breathe, and research music. I guess it's a good fit for me to work at a radio station!

When I was in Tri-Tech, I listened to a band called Loudermilk heavily. Loudermilk was a Tri-Cities based rock band that made their major label debut with Dreamworks in 2002.

Before they even recorded their first major label album, they landed tours with Motley Crue and Megadeth.

They released what's now a legendary record in this town called The Red Record, which I just picked up on CD from Amazon for $4. The guys even landed a visit from Jay Leno to their hotel room, while Mark Watrous played a musical rendition of Terminator quotes.

After the release of the Red Record, the band recorded one more album under the new identity and sound of Gosling. They also contributed a song to one of the Underworld movies. They broke up in 2006, and the guys went on to other projects.

Where are they now? Well, singer Davey Ingersoll now fronts a band in Seattle with a friend of mine called The Echolarks. They bring a vintage rock and roller vibe to their two EP's that have been released.

Drummer Isaac Carpenter has gone on to have a prolific career as a drummer and session musician, having been a member of Duff McKagen's Loaded, Adam Lambert's band, and now he is the full-time drummer for AWOLNATION, having done the drumming for their latest album.

Side note: the singer for AWOLNATION has the same tattoo as the one on my chest. It's the wordmark of the late Jeff Buckley's 1994 album Grace.

As for Mark Watrous, he has been doing some good work too. In 2008, he was the touring keyboard player for Jack White's The Raconteurs. In 2012, he joined indie legends The Shins, becoming a full-time member in 2014.

They made their big break-through when Zach Braff included two of their songs for his movie "Garden State." The soundtrack won an Academy Award in 2004. Natalie Portman famously says "This song will change your life." Indeed, it did.

Mark is the guitarist and keyboard player for their latest album, Heartworms. They recently performed on Stephen Colbert.

Way to do the Tri-Cities proud, boys! I love when one of my favorite band's members join your other favorite bands!

The response from fans was awesome. Tri-Cities still very much loves this band, so I started a petition to get a reunion show!

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