In a recent Facebook post by the Kennewick Police Dept., they warn of a scam where people claiming to be Kennewick Police Officers call potential victims and ask for $15 to support the police. Then they ask for personal info like maybe a debit card number or some such thing. KPD would like to remind you that police do not call and ask for money and that you should never give personal information out over the phone.

In a related post, Richland Police also warn of similar scams and even mention that the scammers have accidentally called the police! I wonder how that conversation goes!

Good Afternoon! We receive frequent reports of SCAM telephone calls, involving both automated and live persons. Please...

Posted by Richland WA Police Department on Monday, March 22, 2021

But scammers don't always say they're cops...many will pretend to be a family member that needs help (like money help) right away. The victims on this one are usually elderly and think they're talking to a 20-something grandchild. Also be aware of fake lotter scams. The lottery is not going to ask for money so you can get your money! Bank and credit card scams might be an easy one to fall closely do you monitor every single little charge, anyway? Amazon scams are popular these days. You should always hang up and call Amazon customer service yourself to verify because Amazon DOES NOT CALL YOU. Healthcare scams are another to watch out for. It's best that you contact them, don't fall for something when they contact you.


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