A 30-year old Kennewick man was taken into custody Tuesday evening for Assault first-Degree after a road rage incident the day before.

Osbaldo Hermosillo was taken into custody after Pasco Police identified him as the suspect who allegedly pointed a gun at another driver and made a threat.

On Monday at about 7:15 PM, a male victim met with a Pasco Police officer at Applebee’s on Road 68. The man reported that he was tailgated on the freeway and then followed and harassed by a male driver over an apparent road rage incident. The victim claimed to not know what that incident was. However, he did provide police with a description of the pickup truck, the male driver, and a pistol the driver allegedly pointed at him in detail. The victim claims a threat was made as the pistol was pointed at him.

Dave Allen
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On Tuesday, Pasco Police Officer James Garza located the suspect, Osbaldo Hermosillo driving a pickup in the same area where the alleged road rage incident occurred on Monday.

Dave Allen

Officer Garza stopped Hermosillo with probable cause to arrest him and to impound the vehicle so that a search warrant could be obtained to recover the visible pistol inside the cab.

Hermosillo did provide police with a concealed weapons permit to carry. He was arrested and booked into the Franklin County Jail on an investigative hold for Assault Fist-Degree.

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