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Does anybody even use Fingerhut anymore? Is that a relic from the past? Am I the only one who grew up with a mom who looked forward to getting her Fingerhut, Sears, and JCPenney catalogs in the mail?

I would peruse through the catalogs myself, I can even remember daydreaming about the comforter sets I used to want my mom to get for me.


I don't think companies even make catalogs anymore, save an Ikea store and Amazon's annual Christmas catalog. Nowadays, our phone apps have become the catalogs of the 21st Century. We can just whip out the Android (or iPhone) and touch the app to scroll through selections of products we want to buy.
I do miss getting the catalogs, but I love technology so much, don't you!

One benefit of being stuck inside the house during the COVID pandemic is that it forced me to reconsider my housing options. I have lived in the same tiny one-bedroom apartment since the early 2000s and now that my daughter has all of a sudden turned ten (10) years old, I need to have a bigger living space for the both of us. This means that my credit needs to improve drastically so that I can qualify for a first-time home buyer's program. I was thinking of ways to increase my credit store and someone suggested I try getting a Fingerhut credit card or a similar secured or unsecured line of credit and paying the balances off on time consistently for several months.


There are a few other ways to get that FICO scores up, like setting up your monthly credit reportable bills on auto-pay. I'm going to start with the "old-school" Fingerhut first. I just got my digital credit card paperwork in the mail today. I am officially "Got Myself a Fingerhut Account" years old, just like my mama!

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