Finley Elementary School will be hosting the second annual "One School, One Book" read-along on Monday, January 11th. The children's novel "The One And Only Ivan" is the featured book. Families of Finley Elementary students received the book as part of the One School, One Book program through the Read to Them® organization. Parents are encouraged to read with their kids at home.

School Librarian Atena Pelley leads the program. According to a media press release:

“Last year's ‘One School, One Book’ events were so well received that I'm super excited to be able to have them again this year,” Pelly says. “I think shared experiences are important for bonding and growing as families, a school, and a community. I'm glad that we can facilitate this and am sure many of us this year will be able to sympathize with Ivan and his feelings of loneliness and isolation.”

The goal of the program is to read a few chapters every day, over a three-week period.

There will be videos posted of teachers, school staff, and community members reading in English and Spanish so families can read along at home. The videos will be available on the Finley Elementary School website.

At school, the students will participate in trivia during the morning announcements with Principal Pam Kinne.

If you have any questions, please contact Finley Communications Director, Molly Curtiss, at 509.544.5787.

I miss the days of reading to a group of kids AT the school.  Social distancing wasn't an issue.  I loved reading The Lorax so much, my teacher-friend purchased a copy for me.  I look forward to the day I can read in classrooms with a group of students again.


Of course, in our current phase, this is the best alternative.  And, parental involvement is a bonus.

Way to go Finley Elementary!

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