Monday, Finley Schools released a statement from Superintendent Lance Hahn, that read in part:

“Like other school systems in our area, Finley has been working in close collaboration with the Benton Franklin Health District throughout the spring school closures and over the summer. We greatly appreciate the collaboration from our local health district and the information they’ve provided us so that we can adjust our planning and focus our efforts on preparing Finley to start the school year in a new virtual model.”

The news release went onto to say in part:

"Finley students in all grade levels (K-12) will participate in a 100% remote learning model that will include students logging into their classes and lessons from home.  Attendance and grading will be tracked and mandatory, and students will participate in their various classes based on the guidelines set by their teachers."

Unlike Kennewick, whose School Board said they would being to re evaluate in class learning starting in Mid September, Finley says they will remain online at least through the full first quarter of the year. They will not start to assess opening schools until October.

Much like other area school districts, it appears the Benton Franklin Health District is making the decisions about in class, regardless of input from parents or students.

According to the District statement:

"The updated guidance Finley and other school systems received from the Benton Franklin Health District (BFHD) in their July 29 letter states that current county transmission rates are significantly above the acceptable metrics proposed by local and state health districts in order for our schools to consider reopening for in-person instruction."

This would be the letter than Dr. Amy Person sent to all school districts in the BFHD just prior to the majority of their board meetings when they would decide to be in class  or not.

To find out more about the online learning program in the Finley School District, click on the button below.

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