Red Lobster Closes One Washington State Restaurant And Liquidates Inventory

Say it isn't so as Red Lobster has abruptly several restaurants across the nation including one Washington State location.

Red Lobster Closed Down Lewiston Idaho Restaurant

My hometown of Clarkston has a Red Lobster across the Snake River in Lewiston Idaho and imagine my surprise to hear the Lewiston restaurant abruptly closed down yesterday.

It looks like 80 Red Lobster restaurants in 27 states have closed with citing that those restaurants are "temporarily" closed according to an article from

So far no word on the Kennewick Washington location as their website still lists the restaurant as open.

Photo from Youtube
Photo from Youtube

One Washington State location, Silverdale Washington, is reported closed and several locations in California have also closed.

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A website that is liquidating the Red Lobster equipment has been set up and you'll find Lewiston and Silverdale on the list of locations where you can buy the complete restaurant's contents - this is the statement on the website concerning the auctions:

"As of today, select Red Lobster locations are CLOSED. On our Restaurant Equipment marketplace, we are auctioning off 50+ locations across the country. These auctions are WINNER TAKES ALL – meaning, each winner will receive the ENTIRE contents of the Red Lobster location they bid on. Auctions are live and will end periodically on Thursday, May 16, 2024."

For the love of Cheddar Biscuits - I'm sad to see these closures but thankfully if you are a fan of Red Lobster, it looks like Kennewick's location is still up and running.

You can read more details about Red Lobster and what restaurants are affected here.

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