Having a hard time meeting that special someone? Try looking at your local penitentiary via Meet-An-Inmate.com!

Dating an inmate seems unconventional but I imagine that it has its perks. If you struggle with commitment, but are looking for someone loyal, why NOT date someone at arm's length?!

Carmen is an exotic dancer by trade. She's also a loyal, loving and honest girl in Wilsonville. She's worth the chance!

Kerri's hometown is Portland, she was also an exotic dancer and enjoys nature and the outdoors. She's posting from Wilsonville and would like get to know you!

Victoria is a Barista from Gig Harbor. She's looking for honesty, understanding, and trust.

Rebecca is a College Student who is currently going to AA and NA meetings in Gig Harbor. She has a great sense of humor and is getting perfect A's.

Janice is a funny, fun, and remarkable inmate who has made some bad choices in life. She's getting out of Gig Harbor in 2013 and would love to see you!

Aleeta is a former office assistant who loves to work hard and play hard. She's in Wilsonville and is seeking YOUR correspondence.

Jamie is a waitress in Wilsonville who would like to know if you are her destiny. She's a good girl in a bad situation and is waiting for your response.

Wilbur is a Mill Worker and has interests in writing and drawing from Walla Walla.

Jeremy is an upbeat and athletic construction worker at Umatilla.

Paul is an attractive young construction worker who is about to get out of Umatilla.

Jesse is a tattoo artist who enjoys reading, drawing, and living life to its fullest.

*Disclaimer: The site Meet-An-Inmate.com is not recommended for dating, but rather a site for friendship via pen-pals.

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