Consider giving your kids a 1970s summer -- no computers, no cell phones, no video games. Here's what we think that will look like:

  • 1

    The only TV channel is "TV Land"

    Go ahead and let them watch TV all day while you're at work, but it has to be "The Love Boat," "The Carol Burnett Show," "The Jefferson's," "Charlie's Angels," "My Three Sons," "The Bionic Man," "Hart to Hart," and "$100,000 Pyramid."

  • 2

    Eat food without the words "organic, agave, fat-free or GMO"

    A 1970s summer would be full of cherry Kool-Aid, BPA-laden plastic, fast food in styrofoam containers, soda with real sugar, cheese balls, fried bologna and a bucket of Kentucky-Fried Chicken for dinner. Dessert will be pineapple upside down cake!

  • 3

    Play outside all day!

    Like all. damn. day. If you get thirsty drink from the garden hose, if you get hot run through the sprinklers. Hunt for bugs and lizards, play "kick the can" and "hide and seek" and "stickball."

  • 4

    Go to the movies all day

    Pay for your ticket at 10 or 11 a.m. and get picked up for dinner. Just hop from theater to theater.

  • 5

    Spend multiple nights in a row at your friends house

    Not only are sleepovers fine, but sleep over again and again and again...

  • 6

    Make stuff

    Find scrap wood, junk metal, rusty saws and wood glue. Make a robot, a go-kart, a Mad Max-style truck -- use your imagination and don't be afraid of splinters.

  • 7

    Put on a play

    Get some friends together, rehearse a few songs and invite the neighborhood over for a play in your backyard!

  • 8

    Build forts

    tree forts, underground forts, wood forts, couch cushion forts, blanket forts -- just get building!