A co-worker recently asked me if I'd seen what was trending on social media.

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Who is this person?
byu/percymiracles0 inSeattle

Yep. Really. Who wouldn't be intrigued by a fluffy, green dragon mascot riding a motorcycle? I couldn't get enough from the link she shared. I had to find out more about this mascot. It turns out, "Go With Fluffy" rides the streets of Seattle, often joking with fellow motorists and pedestrians.

The green dragon challenged a bicyclist to a race.


@gowithfluffy Challenging a cyclist to a race 😂 #green #fluffy #funny #frog #dragon #motorcycle #muppet #bikelife #wtf ♬ original sound - GoWithFluffy

I believe it's going well for "Fluffy." There's a website, Gowithfluffy.com. He's available for social engagements, such as birthday parties.

Go With Fluffy-Youtube
Go With Fluffy-Youtube

Do you know someone who loves motorcycles and dragons? Or someone who just loves that Fluffy dragon that rides around Seattle. If so, Go With Fluffy is perfect for their birthday party or special event. Fluffy will entertain guests with some dancing, pictures and whatever to help the birthday person feel special.

"Go With Fluffy" is on several social media platforms, including Youtube and TikTok.

I know the next time I'm in Seattle, I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for Fluffy. I can only imagine how big the smiles are from people who catch a glimpse of the green dragon on a motorcycle. What a treat! Have you ever seen Fluffy on the streets?

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