Holy Guacamole!

We are rounding the corner on year one of the first pandemics most of us have ever experienced. It's been wild, sad, interesting, frustrating...

With most kids going to school virtually, folks working from home, out of work, or dealing with the virus and or its aftermath, tensions are high and so is technology use.

Have you noticed yourself getting a headache or becoming irritable? Are you lashing out, getting into arguments with strangers on a screen when triggered by different views than you? Hours and hours spent in front of technology has us thinking we are so connected when actually, we are not connecting at all.

Dr. Peter Asante took a moment out of his busy schedule to provide some fantastic tips on how to keep your pandemic blues in check while strengthing that mushy lump of a brain that's been bogged down by technology. My words, not his!

Get Outside

Earlier this month when the weather was incredibly warm and gorgeous we spoke, currently, we are in the middle of a snowy stretch of cold weather, but the tip still holds true. Dr. Peter Asante is encouraging all families to pick one day a week to do an activity outside.

Break-up the normal routine and go on a walk or a hike, currently, it could be shoveling snow in the drive-way or being kind and shoveling your neighbors. You could start prep plans for your garden, take a drive to a cool look-out point or grab a delicious treat. Something that the whole family can look forward to. Maybe have each family member put ideas in a jar, then each week grab an idea and go!

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Pen Pal

Bringing it back to the old school way of snail mail. Yes! Instead of virtually connecting with Grandma surprise her with a letter from the kids and yourself. The kids can sit down and draw some pictures and color on the envelope, you can write the address and help them place the stamp and then take it to the mailbox. That's an hour-long activity taking place that brings joy to not only the person receiving but also the person doing.

I love the penpal idea so much that I am willing to share some of my letter making stash with you :)

Message me if you are interested

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