My heart literally melted when I read a post this morning from a group called iMPACT Compassion Center, Tri-Cities. The non-profit grass roots group helps people in need in lots of ways, like this story.

From Facebook:

"Meet Rod. This amazing man was so humble, such a gentleman, used to have a vehicle repair business, and battling cancer, alone. A good - sized team from our iMPACT! Compassion Center Facebook group page, decided to go out and assist Rod, after hearing that he was sleeping in a tent out in this freezing weather. My husband brought him one of the sleeping bag jackets, which he is wearing, and was so happy to be wearing it. Others brought a propane heater to keep his tent warmer, some warm soup, a hot drink, and we had a great conversation about his life, how he came to be homeless, and desire to have a place to live. Despite all his barriers, he had such a sense of humor and kind heart. We are actively going to assist Rod, if anyone wants to join. Looking for a room rental or an Oxford house, as it is fairly affordable. Keep Rod in prayer."

I love this. What a great way to help those who truly need someone just to care! Keep up the GREAT WORK iMPACT!

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