Are you ready for a true Christmas adventure for the ages? There's a Grinch's Cave that you can actually stay in and it only costs $19.57 a night to stay there.

It's a road trip away from the Tri-Cities but worth it as a night rental is low as $19.57.

Where Is The Grinch Cave Vacation Located At?

That price is in honor of the year the book was released from Dr. Suess. The bookings are full for this season but you can still take a virtual tour of this amazing vacation rental.

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If you start planning for next year, this could be your next big adventure.

Check Out The Grinch's Cave, A One Of A Kind Vacation Rental

The Grinch's Cave is located in Boulder, Utah, and sleeps 4 with an amazing mountain view in a fully functional cave home.

Here are the details from the cave's listing on

Step into the Grinch’s green, furry shoes in his multilevel 5,700-square-foot lair. You can play his organ, drink from his coffee maker, read his books, and dream about all the ways you too could steal Christmas.

You’ll find the main bedroom, an additional guest bedroom, and two bathrooms—plus a study and a music room (which, unlike the Grinch, you can use for caroling). There’s also a full kitchen, which the Grinch has stocked with a few of his favorites, including roast beast, Who-pudding, and an emergency stash of Who-hash.

His home may be a cave, but the Grinch still enjoys the finer things in life, and we’ve made sure it’s sparkling clean and ready for your arrival. And don’t worry—you’ll have the home all to yourself, since the Grinch himself will be spending the holidays far, far away from any Christmas cheer.

Bookings are available for limited stays from December 13 through 23 at a steal of a nightly rate ($19.57) in honor of the book’s original release year. So, act fast, because the homeowner likes his privacy, and this will probably, definitely never happen again. The Grinch told us so.

Please note: It takes an adventurous soul to live like the Grinch, so keep these tips in mind before you book:

-The location is remote, so you’ll need to bring food and beverages for your entire stay.
-Since the Grinch loves his alone time, he’s picked a cave that’s a little hard to get to. Make sure you have a car that’s at least a crossover or larger for the trail (and shallow creek crossing) leading up Mt. Crumpit. Four-wheel-drive is a plus.
-There’s no internet or cable available, though you’ll surely find plenty to do in the Grinch’s music room and library. Cell service is likewise limited, but a phone is available on site.

You must be 21 years or older to rent this property.

How Can I Book The Grinch's Cave On

The property is already booked out for the 2021 holiday but you can book in the future. You might not get that great price but you'll still have the adventure of a lifetime staying in the Grinch Cave.

Take a peek inside this amazing Grinch Cave:

Take A Peek Inside The Grinch's Cave In Utah

Yes, you can stay in the Grinch's Cave in the town of Boulder Utah. It's a vacation that's sure to last a lifetime and you can rent it during the holidays.

That's a super cool property and it would be quite the experience to stay inside it. If you are interested in this property, check out its listing here.

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