Most of us just feel our vehicles wobble or jolt a little when we're battling high winds on our Mid-Columbia roadways.

But the sudden gusts can, if we're not paying attention, cause issues. Tuesday morning Benton County Deputies responded to this section of I-82 south of Kennewick, near Milepost 109, for this crash.

A truck was towing a mobile construction office building on the Interstate when a gust of wind sent the structure toppling on it's side. As of this writing, shortly before 10AM crews were still working to clear the road.

Deputies and others remind travelers to be aware of how windy conditions can affect travel, especially those hauling large, tall bulky loads.

This reminds us of why manufactured homes are not transported in windy conditions. Many of them are brought up from factories in Oregon, but they can be delayed days, even weeks, until they get period of favorable wind-free weather.

No word of any injuries in the accident.

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