Surprise, Some Halloween Candy Shouldn't Be Passed Out To Kids

Every year around Halloween, there's always some confusion about what types of candy are allowed and which are not.


I was surprised to discover that yes, there are certain kinds of Halloween candy that you're not allowed to give kids - can you guess which ones and why?

The Majority Of Halloween Candy Is Alright But There Is Some Candy Not Allowed

First of all, it's important to note that the overall majority of Halloween candy is perfectly fine and does not contain any alcohol.

However, there are some varieties of candy that do contain alcohol, and these are the ones that tend to cause confusion.

Candy With Alcohol Needs To Have 0.5% Or Less By Weight For Kids To Consume

The good news is that, in general, Halloween candy with alcohol content is allowed in Washington State as long as it meets certain criteria.

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Specifically, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board has stated that "non-molded hard candies" are allowed as long as they contain less than 0.5% alcohol by weight.

Halloween Party With Children Trick Or Treating In Costume

This includes popular varieties such as jawbreakers, root beer barrels, and lemon drops.

However, gummies and other molded candies are not allowed because they fall under the category of "alcoholic beverages."

RCW 66.12.160 breaks it down:

Manufacture or sale of confections or food containing liquor.

Nothing in this title shall apply to or prevent the manufacture or sale of confections or food products containing alcohol or liquor if: (1) The confection or food product does not contain more than one percent of alcohol by weight; and (2) the confection or food product has a label stating: "This product contains liquor and the alcohol content is one percent or less of the weight of the product." Manufacturers of confections or food products are not required to obtain a license under this title.

So there you have it—in general, Halloween candy with alcohol content is allowed in Washington State as long as it meets certain criteria.

Be sure to check the label before enjoying your favorite variety this Halloween season and watch out for the kids as they come and go on the streets of the Tri-Cities.

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