Kennewick city officials took a tour around Kennewick yesterday in a trolley to assess the hundreds of pot holes on it's city streets!


According to a press release from the City of Kennewick Public Works Department:

Since the snow melted, City crews have filled nearly 1,000 potholes.  These were temporary patches and some locations have required multiple applications pending long-term repairs this summer.

The City budgeted $1.6 million this year for pavement preservation that was intended for multiple overlay projects.  With the extreme winter weather and resulting pavement damage, more than half of this budget will now be dedicated to repairing severely damaged areas and will reduce the number of overlay projects in 2017.  The City has another $1.6 million budgeted in 2018 that will hopefully go exclusively to overlay projects.

JUST FYI Kennewick there's a huge Pot Hole on 7th & 395 near the Scott's Cycling PLEASE FIX IT...It's still dark when I drive by it every morning!


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