The Yakima Police Department needs our help so please keep your eyes peeled.

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Runaway Juvenile

12-year-old runaway child named Carmen Garcia Norman. Carmen ran away from a crisis center in Yakima and is a ward of the State of Washington. The Yakima Police Department has received information that Carmen possibly made her way to Pasco, WA, (Pasco Police) where her biological mother might be living.

If You See Her

If you have information about Carmen's whereabouts please make sure to reach out to the Yakima Police Department at 509-575-6200 during business hours or call 911.


It's always helpful to follow the social media of the law enforcement establishments in your hometown. You can share information quickly and hopefully, those missing, scared, or lost can be identified and found faster. Also when updates take place, it's the perfect spot to swing back and check to see if said person has been located.

Social Media Groups

Other fantastic groups on social media like Yakima Scan or Yakima Scan Missing Persons are great resources to follow when you are in need of reaching a large audience intent on helping spread the word.


I know the struggle is real, life can get sticky and people can get really frustrated. If you or someone you know is really struggling there are resources available. The YWCA features a 24/7 hotline run by people who have acknowledged their own struggles and are getting help to become stronger for themselves and those they love. The phone number is 509-248-7796, both males and females can use it to explain a situation to an unbiased person that can help with the next steps.

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