One of my favorite games as a kid was Monopoly. I really liked the game and I was notorious for being a "slum lord". I'd even hide money away so when my opponent thought was I dead, I'd come back and crush them.

It was all in good fun I assure you. I do have a favorite game piece when I do play Monopoly.

I have to be the car.

The car is the coolest game piece in the game and no one wants to be the thimble or hat right?

There is a new Tri-Cities Monopoly game out there. I've written about it before but I haven't been able to find a copy of the game anywhere in the Tri-Cities. It does exist so if you see it, hook a brother up!

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I have no idea what the playing pieces are so I thought it would be fun to come with our own playing pieces. I asked listeners what they thought would be cool playing pieces in the game and here is what they came up with!

Here’s 10 Tri-Cities Monopoly Pieces We’d Love To Play With!

Here is what we think is the perfect representation of what game pieces we'd like to play if we had a Tri-Cities Monopoly game

I don't think the pictures do the game pieces justice. We'd have to get them made out of plastic and make them look cool. The reason I always pick the car is that it's the coolest piece.

If Monopoly was smart, they'd take the original game pieces and revamp them for the next generation.

I could see a smartphone, x-box, airplane, helicopter, and anything else being super cool to play with.

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