My son was ranting and raving recently about a Monopoly game that featured our hometown of Clarkston Washington and it made me start looking for a Tri-Cities version of the game.

A quick Google search and yes I discovered a Tri-Cities Monopoly game and it does feature the Tri-Cities!

Rik Mikals
Rik Mikals

It's sold through Wal Mart and the Lady Bug Shoppe in Kennewick. It's usually in the Toy section at Wal Mart.

I haven't been able to find a copy for myself but I'm still looking. I've seen plenty of postings of Tri-Citians playing Tri-Cities-Opoly and I want for myself.

The game looks great. It features plenty of Tri-Cities places to land on including the Reach Museum and Columbia Park.

You'll even still collect $200 when you pass GO just like the original game. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for one.

Do you realize that there a ton of different Monopoly games that you can play? You can even get a custom-made game that you can sell for fundraisers for your non-profit groups.

I went searching for all the varieties and versions of the game in my quest to find the Tri-Cities version of the game and stumbled across a great website that lists all the versions of the game - trust me, there is a bunch!

You can check out all the varieties of Monopoly games here. 

I'm still going to be on the hunt for the Tri-Cities version so let me know if you find one and good luck in the chase! 

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