Wednesday, July 1st is National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day. Now, we're up for different & creative flavors of just about anything, but ice cream? How daring are you?

Heinz has released a recipe for condiment ice cream. It's fairly basic. All you need is a whisk or mixer, and freezer-safe bowl. And, your favorite condiment, maybe it's ketchup, mayo, even, barbecue sauce.

You make your own ice cream, by adding heavy cream, whole milk, condensed milk, and a couple of squeezes of your favorite condiment. You can taste as you go, and add as much of the condiment as you like. Mix the ingredients together, well in the bowl. Continue mixing until it forms soft peaks. Then, transfer the bowl to your freezer for at least 3-hours.

Pick your poison, so to speak. Are you a fan of mustard? Would you like to add other flavorings?

July also happens to be National Ice Cream Month. What's your favorite? Vanilla is the most popular, of course.

This is the perfect time to enjoy 1, 2, or 3 scoops of your favorite original flavored ice cream or condiment style.

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