If you've ever wanted to make your own Coke products, Big Jim and Stacy Lee have discovered what researchers believe is the secret formula to Coca-Cola.

The Main Syrup:

Fluid extract of Coca:  3 drams USP  ('USP' stands for United States Pharmacopeia..they set standards for the preparation of medicine.)

Citric acid:  3 ounces

Caffeine:  1 ounce

Sugar:  30

Water:  2.5 gallons

Lime juice:  2 pints, one quart

Vanilla:  1 ounce

Caramel:  1.5 ounce or more, for color

The secret "7X" flavor...Every five gallons of syrup gets two ounces of flavor.

Alcohol:  8 ounces

Orange oil:  20 drops

Lemon oil:  30 drops

Nutmeg oil:  10 drops

Coriander:  5 drops

Neroli:  10 drops

Cinnamon:  10 drops

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