Today phase one opens up in Washington State. Governor Inslee's "Stay At Home, Stay Healthy" proclamation has been extended through May 31st but phase one officially kicks off today.

Here is what is allowed to open up according to the guidelines that his staff outlined on the Washington State Governor website.

These businesses can reopen but they have to follow strict social distancing guidelines as laid out by the state of Washington.

  • retail (curbside pick-up orders only)
  • automobile, recreational vehicle, boat, and off-road vehicle sales
  • landscaping
  • car washes
  • pet walker

Hunting, Fishing, Golfing, Boating, and Hiking is allowed as long as social distancing guidelines are respected.

We still can't socially gather but drive-in spiritual services are allowed with one family per vehicle.

If you need to travel, you can but the state would still like you to keep it to essential travel which includes grocery stores or the doctors.

There is some confusion on when each phase stops and ends. Phase One starts today, Phase Two will begin June 1st and Phase Three will follow three weeks after that.

You can read more on phase one here.

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