My friends in Hermiston never cease to amaze me!! Not only do they have a water-park...but now a Rock Hunt trail!!

This is rules from their Facebook page:

Please replace any rocks you take from our park, if you find a rock and want to take it home! That is completely fine but please replace it with another!
Kids love collecting things, ESPECIALLY rocks! Why not make it fun and share some beautiful, inspiring or quirky painted rocks with our community! Take a walk on the trail and keep an eye out for that special rock that you want to bring home!

We are taking from the park so like I said, please give back, if you take a rock to paint, please bring it back to its home and if you take a rock home to keep please find a replacement! I just don't want to see the rocks disappearing over time.



Do you know where the trail is? check it out

This is a perfect example of a community coming together and creating something fun for everyone!!


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