One Tri-Cities retailer won't have a specific horse medicine until December due to a rush on the store that has depleted supplies.

The drug is Ivermectin and it's normally for horses but some believe that it can fight the COVID-19 virus.

Ranch and Home in Kennewick are reporting sell-out of the drug and won't see more of it until December according to an article from KEPR News.

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Ivermectin is not FDA approved and misinformation around the internet has made the drug widely sought-out. Ranch and Home have put up signs concerning the drug but it hasn't seemed to stop customers from buying it. The horse medicine would normally be in plentiful supply but now it's sold out.

Ranch and Home employees say they field calls daily from customers believing the drug is an effective cure for COVID-19. The drug is used for cows and horses and is not safe for human consumption.

You can read more details about the drug and the story here. 

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